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Cubic Meters Per Hr (m³/hr) - Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM) x 0.588578
Cubic Meters Per Hr (m³/hr) - Cubic Feet Per Hour x 35.314
Cubic Meters Per Hr (m³/hr) - Liters Per Hour x 1000
Cubic Meters Per Hr (m³/hr) - Liters Per Second x 0.277778
Cubic Feet Per Min (CFM) - Cubic Meters Per Hour (m³/hr) x 1.6999017
Cubic Feet Per Min (CFM) - Liters Per Second x 0.471947
Cubic Feet Per Min (CFM) - Liters Per Hour x 1699.017
Cubic Feet Per Min (CFM) - Cubic Meters Per Second x 0.000472

How big is a micron ?

  • Atmospheric dust < 5 microns
  • One inch contains 25,400 microns
  • Tobacco smoke < 0.5 microns
  • Human hair > 5 microns
  • One millionth of a meter.
  • A micron is very, very, small !

Did you know ?

  • A 3mm hole will pass 11 L/S of air at 7 bar - this is equal to 3.5 kW.
  • One 300 m?/h compressor can generate up to 29 liters of water per day.

What is a Dew point ?

In simple terms, a dew point describes how much water vapor is present and tells us how cold the compressed air can get before liquid water will form. To prevent water in your air system, choose a dryer that produces a dew point temperature below the lowest possible temperature that downstream air lines and equipment will be exposed to.

Moisture Content At Different Dew points

Dew point g H²O/m² Air Dew point g H²O/m³ Air
35°C 39.286 5°C 6.790
30°C 30.078 3°C 5.964
25°C 22.386 0°C 4.868
20°C 17.148 -10°C 2.570
15°C 12.739 -20°C 0.88
10°C 9.356 -40°C 0.117
7°C 7.732 -70°C 0.0033



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