Preventive Maintenance

Why perform preventive maintenance? To maintain your equipment in peak condition!

Preventive maintenance identifies parts in need of replacement and prolongs the lifetime of your machnes by keeping them in peak condition. It reduces incidents of equipment failure and emergency service intervention, raising the productivity and quality of your operation and minimizing the risk factor in your maintenance budget.

Customer support plans

What you need is a solution to keep your production optimal at all time and preferably at the lowest operating cost. Our specialized advisors will visit your production facilities and assess your specific needs. This allows us to propose the most cost effective Customer Support Plan for your maintenance needs.

Ways to ease your mind

Compressed Air Systems, Inc. offers a wide variety of preventive maintenance agreements to suit each customer’s needs and provide an outstanding user experience with their equipment.

Our Service Team is dedicated to surpassing your expectations by using the most advanced diagnostic systems available

We provide comprehensive maintenance service agreements that customers can design themselves and we provide a coordinated program for replacement parts.

We leave it in your hands
We deliver the necessary spare parts and leave the actual maintenance up to you. We check your compressed air system regularly and identify the necessary actions. The output of each inspection is a complete diagnostic report.
We give you a hand
We service your compressed air system at predetermined intervals to lower the risk of unexpected problems and keep your production process optimal at all times. The routine maintenance costs are fixed, which allows you to easily forecast them.
You hand it to us
We service your compressed air installation following a complete maintenance system that covers all breakdowns. Your equipment will be kept in prime condition at any time and the annual costs for the agreed period are fixed. This includes all the required parts, labour and travel expenses. There are no hidden surprises.

You have total peace of mind. Read more: Customer Support Plans (760kB PDF)

A Profitable Partnership

Preventive Maintenance

Like other machines, air compressors and compressed air equipment need regular maintenance in order to provide the performance and reliability you need. Let us become your business partner. As part of our Preventive Maintenance program, we will maintain your equipment in peak condition for a specified number of years at a fixed cost. For your operation it means less downtime, lower tool repair costs, and control over your maintenance budget. Best of all, it frees you to focus on your core business.

Your equipment maintained in peak condition for a fixed annual cost

Preventive Maintenance offers:

• Agreements tailored to your needs
• Less downtime and emergency repairs
• Consistently high production quality
• Continuous overview of equipments status and parts replacement
• Full spares availability
• Fewer spares and back-up tools needed
• Control over your maintenance budget
• Extended tool lifetime
• Lower administration and logistics costs


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